Countdown to Election Day: November 8th

Why run for school board?


As a parent, grandparent and former educator, I believe students thrive and become successful learners when equipped with critical thinking skills. Teachers desire and provide these skills when they’re supported and given adequate resources. Our children’s school experiences are vital to a healthy start on their life path.


I’m committed to ensuring that Greenville County Schools provide this learning environment to all students, teachers, and staff. I’m also committed to ensuring parents are empowered and informed to make the best decisions for and with their students. Our county, state, nation, and the world will benefit from students nurtured in an educational culture where they are inspired, supported, and prepared.


Our students should leave Greenville County Schools academically prepared for the next step in their life journey. Whether this is college, trade school, a job, the military, or another opportunity, their experience in Greenville County Schools should set them up for the highest level of success possible. Greenville County Schools should educate students not only to SURVIVE but to THRIVE.


My name is Dr. Gene Beckner. I’ve been a resident of the Upstate for almost 30 years. I’m fortunate to have my wonderful wife, Tracy, three children, and two grandchildren, who provide me joy and support. We also have three cats (although I love dogs, too) that are quite entertaining.

I grew up on the coast of SC in Myrtle Beach and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English from the University of South Carolina. Then a Master of Education in Counselor Education from Clemson University led me to a career as a Licensed Counselor-Supervisor. Most recently, I received a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology.

I have been a Teacher, Coach, Mentor, and Administrator in the South Carolina Public and Private School Systems for 14 years. Currently, I’m the Care Ministries Pastor at Brookwood Church, where I’ve served for the past 14 years.

Why Me?


As a School Board Member, it’s not about me, my opinions, or an agenda. I’m here to be the voice for the families in our District. So, I want to meet you and get to know your families – the successes, challenges, and concerns you have as your families navigate student life in Greenville County.


While my education and experience as a Teacher, Coach, Mentor and Administrator may reflect notable credentials, what I believe provides me a unique gift set to best represent your family on the Greenville County School Board for Area 24 is that I’m also a parent and grandparent just like you.



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